Promoting deeper and more joyful learning for Piedmont students

Piedmont ALPS (Advanced Learners Program Support) is a parent group that supports differentiated instruction in the classroom and whose goal is to help inspire and maintain a passion for learning in all our students. 

ALPS is delighted to begin offering funds to teachers and educators to help you obtain useful materials/professional development to support differentiated instruction (e.g., special books, materials for in-class projects, technology, educational conferences and seminars, etc.). You will find here a very short, easy-to-complete grant application. One upcoming event/training we recommend is here.

ALPS is accepting applications on an ongoing basis and will let you know within a few weeks if your proposal can be funded by ALPS. We hope you will take this opportunity to apply for financial support for resources that would be beneficial to you and your students.

Should you have any questions about the group or the grant application process, please contact

PresidentMichael Malione
Vice PresidentElla Grossberg
Parent Sharing ForumTBD
Fundraising CoordinatorTBD
Recording SecretaryTBD
Website CoordinatorTBD
At LargeTBD
Piedmont Middle School (PMS)TBD
High School (PHS)TBD