Promoting deeper and more joyful learning for Piedmont students

We strive to bring joy and inspiration to young students at all levels and to help them find their passions.  The learning circles were created to enrich our kids’ learning experiences by incorporating thoughtful, rigorous curriculums taught by experts in their fields, who are excited to share their passions with our kids.  All circles are kept to small groups of 6 or less to enhance instruction that is fun, interactive, individualized, and ‘funstrating’ (challenging but highly rewarding!).  Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Please sign up on the waitlist ONLY IF the class you are interested in is full.  Thank you!

Classes are $50 per week per session. 

The fall classes run Dec 5 – Mar 17, 2023.

2022 Winter Learning Circles

Math Exploration with Beast Academy


Instructor: Sage Moore
Class duration: 60 min
Grade 3: Monday 4:30-5:30
Grade 2: Friday 4:30-5:30
Grade 4-5: Monday 5:45-6:45
Location: TBD Piedmont Home

About the class: 
In this course we will begin with some engaging activities to set a fun context for our mathematics work, then work to develop a deeper and more nuanced understanding of grade-level math concept standards, numeracy to include concepts they will not see in their math class, and problem-solving skills using Beast Academy.

Instructor Bio:
While earning a degree in Formal Linguistics from the University of Victoria, Canada, Sage studied mathematics and computer science.  This led her to work in various aspects of Information Technology supporting academia and private industry eventually specializing in Network Engineering. She received her credential in mathematics education from Mills College and completed her master’s degree in education. In 2007, Sage had the great fortune to attend a summer workshop with the Bay Area Circle for Teachers, an organization that promotes and studies math circle pedagogy and activities.  Inspired by the potential and delight of this form of mathematics education, she has become a committed member of the math circle community in the Bay Area, bringing math circles to several public schools and collaborating with other mathematicians.  She is an advocate for Math Circles and mathematics enrichment programs as it gives students the opportunity to be exposed to a beauty and rigor in mathematics that is rarely part of the school curriculum.

Art in Math


Instructor: David G Vickers
Class duration:  
Grades: 4-5
Days: Tuesdays & Thursdays 3:30-4:30
Location: TBD Piedmont Home

About the class:
This is an art class first and foremost meant to be fun, engaging, and an opportunity to stretch creative young minds. In the process some mathematics concepts, tools, and solutions will be integrated into the lessons. It is intended for students in 4th and 5th grades. While there will be demonstrations and rubrics for the projects, individual creativity and problem-solving will be strongly encouraged. The level of challenge may grow as the course unfolds and projects will have some overlap but essentially each project is intended as a stand-alone and the order may shift with the personality of the group as it develops. The eight weekly projects involve math components such as geometry, numerical problems, and graphs and they will explore art as pattern, narrative art, and self-portraiture. Assessment will include in-house exhibition and peer critique.

Instructor Bio
David is beginning a new chapter in life after careers as an art educator, art therapist, and carpenter in the Washington DC area. His son and family welcome him to the Piedmont community where he expects to contribute
to the creative and artistic growth of children and adults. Over the last four years David has developed a wildly popular and sought after collection of art workshops for families and adults for communities in the DC area. His
18 years of teaching art in a DC independent school included running a maker space and a wood shop, supervising set design, and contributing to two STEAM teams. His 12 years as a registered art therapist included
more than 10,000 direct contact hours with various populations. David is eager to share his expertise and enthusiasm for creative expression with the families of Piedmont!

Writers Rule the World


Instructor: Alissa Weber
Class duration
Grades 3-5,     Wed 3:30-4:30
Grades 5-7,     Wed 4:30-5:30
Location: TBD Piedmont Home

About the class: 
Do you love reading? Do you have a favorite movie or TV show?
Somebody wrote that story, and now you can, too!
Writers create their own world and share it with others.
Learn how to develop characters, settings, plot, dialogue, and descriptive language while having fun building stories.

The class will focus on creativity, imagination, and generative writing, in a positive and supportive atmosphere. Through group activities and individual exercises, students will find and build upon their strengths as writers.
Students will get to design their own writing project with support and feedback.

All levels welcome. The energy is high, but the pressure is low!

Instructor Bio: 
Alissa studied creative writing and French at Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon, and at Mills College in Oakland. She has a teaching credential in Spanish with authorizations in English and drama from Sacramento State. She has taught students at every grade level, from first to twelfth grade. The best part of teaching is sharing a love of reading and writing with her students. When not teaching, she can be found at the library, a coffee shop, or on the couch with a good book.